What is Conversion Rate? How to Increase CR for Your E-Commerce Website?

Apr 22, 2020

Ecommerce has become an inseparable part of our lives, but what does it mean?

It basically is the action of selling or buying products or services, or performing any commercial transaction using the internet.

Starting from 1994 with the earliest record of using of ecommerce through which a man sold a CD on a website, ecommerce has come so far that it transformed and integrated into our daily lives.

It is an open field for businesses, but the competition in the field is so high that you need to know how to improve your conversion rates.

So, how do you improve the conversion rates of your ecommerce website and get ahead of your competitors?

Let’s start from the scratch!

What is Conversion Rate?

a woman doing online shopping increase conversion rate of your website

Conversion rate is the percentage of customers or website visitors who fulfill the required action.

It is knowing the number of users who convert from a ‘visitor’ into a ‘buyer’. Types of conversion changes according to the desired action of the website.

It does not always have to be sales. Some examples of the common types of conversion are as in the following:

  • Purchasing an item or service

  • Downloading content

  • Upgrading a service to a higher level

  • Signing up for a subscription

  • Becoming a registered user

Knowing the conversion rates of your business gives you an insight of what you are doing right or wrong.

You can check different types of conversion rates which suits your intended field of improvement.

Types of Conversion Rates

Overall Conversion Rate: Learn how your website coverts traffic from different sources.

Individual Conversion Rate: Check the efficiency of your content.

Campaign Conversion Rate: See how effectively your campaign converted customers.

Keyword Conversion Rate: Decide which keywords conveys the best traffic.

Marketing Channel Conversion: See which marketing channel converts more customers.

Page-level Conversion Rate: See which page brings more conversion.

Through different types conversion rate, you can assess the performance of your website and make changes to increase them.

You need high conversion rates to grow your business. Otherwise, your potential customers will leave your website after three to four clicks.

We would not want that!

How to Calculate Conversion Rates?

It sounds complicated, but you do not need to be an expert to calculate your conversion rates.

Take the number of conversions during a certain amount of time and divide it by the total number of your website visitors and then multiply it by 100.

(Conversions / Total Visitors) X 100% = Conversion Rate

Simple, but how should you decide on the measurement period to have the best results of your calculation?

a couple calculating conversion rate of their ecommerce website

There is no formulated measurement for every business, but in general the measurement period should be:

  • Short enough so you can track your conversion rate multiple times over a certain period and make changes and see their impacts. If you take too long a period then by the time you decide to make changes and increase your CVR (Conversion rate), your potential customers may have already given up on you.

  • Long enough so you can consider any possible fluctuation that can happen during a certain period. You should always consider the variables which are out of your control. For example, customers might visit and purchase from your ecommerce website more on weekends than weekdays or vice versa. In that case, taking a daily basis for your period measurement would not be wise.

  • Take the seasonal variations into consideration. Is there a holiday sale? Your conversion rates might be high during seasonal sales which can deceive you into seeing it as an overall rate.

Now that you have learnt what conversion rate is, let’s see how you can increase your ecommerce CVR.

How to Increase Your Conversion Rates?

1. Use Conversion Optimization Tools

If you are looking for optimizing your conversion rates the internet has a lot to offer. Some of the useful conversion rate optimization tools for your ecommerce are:

2. Write Clear Calls-to-Action (CTA)

Call-to-actions are the way you lead your customers so they should be clear, simple, and easy to find. Some CTA examples are:

  • "Add to Shopping Cart"
  • "Buy Now"
  • "Register"
  • "Redeem Coupons"

If your CTAs are hard to find or too complicated, you might end up losing potential customers.

3. Gain Your Customer’s Trust

There are thousands of ecommerce websites and twice as much frauds. You need to gain your customers’ trust. How?

i. Social Proof

It might be customer reviews, recommendations, media awards, or through influencers on social media.

Most of the customers rely on social proof before making a purchase. So, you must remember to include social proof on your main page or somewhere easily seen by customers.

ii. Display Third-Party Trust Logos

Ensure your site is safe to enter information such as credit card information by installing certificates.

Build a community such as forums where your customers can share their experience with other customers.

If you gain your customers’ trust, then they will be more likely to perform repeated purchases.

4. Have Simple Forms

Understand your customers’ psyche. Who wants to bother with filling out long and complicated forms?

Your website pages should be simple and not too confusing for users or they might leave.

Have simple forms with only necessary requirements and notify them if there is any mistake in the form before they complete the whole form.

It is your job to make this process easy and quick for your customers.

Moreover, you can create simple, well-designed, conversion-ready popup templates from different popup builders.

Discover perfect popup designs with nicepopups.

5. Offer Free Shipping

Customers tend to buy products from websites which offer free shipping. It is also important to give your customers shipping and delivery options.

If your website offers free shipping plus quick delivery option, then you are a step ahead of your competitors.

6. Minimize the Abandoned Carts

So, a customer adds stuff to his/her online shopping cart, but leaves the site without purchasing, what should you do?

There are softwares that allows you to send follow-up emails to such customers including the items they added to their shopping carts.

You might also offer special discount coupons to persuade them to purchase those products. Reducing the cart abandonment is crucial for high conversion rate.

7. Chat with Your Customers

You might either hire staff to answer customer questions or use chat bots.

Hiring real staff would be more costly and it might be hard to be available 24/7 to answer customer questions, but you can inform your customers about your available hours and make sure you tell that you will return them in 24 hours.

8. Have Quality Product Photos and Descriptions

Quality photography, video or media and description show the quality of your product and they heavily influence your customers’ opinions.

Ultimately, they are the only means of your customers’ evaluating your product.

9. No Distractions

Remember, your main goal is to sell your product. You should not let your website design get in the way and distract your customers. Tips for a better design:

  • A good color-scheme

  • Simple layout

  • Organized contents


a man examining his business ecommerce website conversion rate

Ecommerce business is a highly competitive field, but if you know your metrics, rates and how to improve them, you are more likely to succeed.

It takes time to test which conversion rate optimization and which strategies work best for your website. These basic steps can help you increase your ecommerce business conversion rates.

Keep testing your way up to the top.


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