"Create Account" - Newsletter Popup Design

Newsletter Popups Sep 03, 2019

convertflow account creation section fullscreen popup design

This popup used its place wasteful. The quote side(green background) is greater than the form side. The form view should be larger for a popup covering half of the screen. For example, if a person with a middle name or have a lengthy first name could be frustrated with this design.

convertflow account creation section mobil popup design

In mobile however proportions are nice but again with the name box issue. Last name box could be gone below the First Name box to increase flexibility.

convertflow account creation section sidebar popup design

Also there could be another way to Login link: rather than moving user to another page, desired action can taken same page. Simply add another phase in the same form. When login is clicked, form goes to second phase where user could add his/her email and password to access.

You can freely create such designs or reach the designed popups through the website of Convert Flow.

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