"Download E-Book" Newsletter Popup Design

Newsletter Popups Jul 01, 2019

"Download E-Book" Newsletter Popup Design Center 13

The fundamental aim of creating newsletter popups is to build a subscriber list and to turn visitors into loyal customers.

Submitting a valuable and attractive selling proposition in exchange for visitors' email addresses is a way of building a high-quality email list. In this popup the offering is to being able to freely download an e-book.

"Download E-Book" Newsletter Popup Design Center 13 Mobile

The design is attention-grabbing and straightforward, which enables you to reach the maximum conversion rate. The popup is offered as three different choice opportunities: center, bottom right, and bottom left popup.

Furthermore, the desired call-to-action of "Download E-Book" is written as white in front of a dark blue background, and created bigger than the undesired call-to-action of "X"

Sleeknote provides mobile responsive popups, which is something you need to consider before buying one because in there are more mobile users than computer users on the net.

"Download E-Book" Newsletter Popup Design Center 13 Bottom Right

Additionally, popups are considered as be disturbing for website users, but many famous marketing experts prefer them.

"Download E-Book" Newsletter Popup Design Center 13 Bottom Left

You can generate such designs or reach the designed popups through the website of Sleeknote.


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